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FIA President Max Mosley has been caught on film allegedly taking part in what UK tabloid News of the World has characterized as a "Nazi orgy." Although we initially thought it was the world's zaniest April Fool's joke, we were wrong. Jul 29,  · Ex-motorsport boss Max Mosley issues High Court proceedings against Google for publishing photos of him taken at a sex party. Max Mosley Max Mosley 'unlikely' to win damages from Google over sex party photos. Former Formula 1 boss Max Mosley took the News of the World to court for its.

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Former FIA president tells John Humphrys he regrets "the effect on my wife and family".

Culture A hilarious history of political insults and putdowns, from Churchill to Corbyn. He has issued High Court proceedings against the internet firm for breaches of the Data Protection Act and misusing private information. From chunky to chiseled in less than a minute!

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