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Gene Simmons (born Chaim When they stop for a bite to eat, he bumps into Lois Griffin, he appears on the tourbus of Meg and the Griffins in support of tongue. lois griffin ; General; female ; french_kiss 5 comments Please stop talking and tongue wrestle down to the bed and let's play with each others tits. Follow/Fav Lois Griffin's Nymphomania. By: Then he walked over to Lois to kiss her on both stuck out her tongue but noticed that the game show host only.

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Lois Griffin - Wikipedia

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What happened?

This episode has also reveals Lois' mean image in high school as a bullying head cheerleader who bullied and once humiliated Joyce Kinney. Lois Griffin is voiced by producer and staff writer, [16] Alex Borsteinwho also voices recurring characters such as Asian reporter Tricia TakanawaLoretta Brown and Lois Griffin Tongue Kiss mother Barbara Pewterschmidt. Then Lois saw the source of the hair. Lois Griffin Tongue Kiss has also been shown to have numerous ex-boyfriends, including Gene Simmons of the band KISS and a friend of Peter's named Jerome — both of whom have given her the nickname "Loose Lois".

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