Cant Fuck With Me

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U Can't Fuck With Me Lyrics: (Snoop) / (Yeah, Big Snoop Dogg, X to the Z) / Yeah / (Uncle L, blast these bitch ass motherfuckers) / Yeah, Yeah / Pour your Dom on the. Lyrics to 'Can't Fuck With Me' by E Y'all can't fuck wit me (repeated) / Y'all can't fuck with me, chain around my neck same colour as pee / In the bay they. U Can't Fuck With Me Lyrics: (snoop) / (yeah, big snoop dogg, x to the z) / Yeah / (uncle l, blast these bitch ass motherfuckers) / Yeah, yeah / Pour your dom on the.

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Xzibit – U Can't Fuck With Me Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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U Can't Fuck With Me Lyrics

You little bitch you can't fuck with me Play and Download You little bitch you can't fuck with me Mp3 Publish - Filetype: Tattooed Def Jam under your wing like that What? Nah, he wanna live, and he loves his kids We got this rap game on lock, like a cake rock Gimme the key, run up in your spot Like, you on your belly, gimme the key What is it gon' be, Cant Fuck With Me it is gon' see When your blutter don't mean And if he keep tryna wipe it off, like, "Nigga, what's this song mean" L got 'em cornered, bitch, why you speak like that? Huh You say the wrong Cant Fuck With Me and I'ma smack your face Bee-atch Chase these niggas or waste these niggas Say what Cant Fuck With Me did fucked up 'cause I'ma break these niggas Spray them, liquidate 'em, fade 'em all Suckers, I hate 'em, laws I pay them off Big Dogg, in this motherfuckin' bar Wit Uncle L, don't tell Baby Dogg, "Yes y'all" We do this with no flaws I love my bitch with no drawers and Cant Fuck With Me bras No laws, we break 'em from the get-go Slidin' by, ridin' high when we get-go Love it or leave it, we love livin' illegal Servin' or swervin' in a '85 Regal Look here, bitch, you ain't a motherfuckin' Beagel I take off on your ass like an eagle Wherever we go, we stay connected with my peoples Just in case a motherfucker wanna G Funk Two of the homies, and one of 'em got a piece on And they never hesitate to dissolve.

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